Drinking and Driving

Fact: Every year close to 17,000 lives are lost in the United States alone due to alcohol related crashes. 

In memory of Thomas Rouleau

Chronicle of Events

Feb 6, 2009 11:00 PM. The night it happened: click here and here

Feb 18, 2009 - Police identify suspect 

March 18, 2009  Shawron Gabriel Bibbs, fugitive suspect in the vehicular killing, is captured

McDaniel students remember Thomas Rouleau and await trial

Although McDaniel College is a residential liberal arts college, students occasionally go off campus. 

Get the Facts about drinking and driving: 

- Effects at Specific Blood Alcohol Concentration

- Binge drinkers have a disconnect between assessing their driving abilities and reality

 Debunk Drinking and Driving Myths 

State by State Facts

 Online information to estimate blood alcohol concentration



M.A.D.D. Commercial

College Guru


Safe Lanes on Campus: A Guide for Preventing Impaired Driving and Underage Drinking

In the News

2008 fatalities decrease in comparison to 2007 - learn more

Ask Yourself

(If you are hosting a party)

What are some simple things I can do to make sure my guests are safe?

(If you are going off campus)

What is one thing that I should do tonight to make sure we have a safe evening?

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